These are basic categories of location/site selection criteria.  Many more factors may be included as needed.

There's no burden to learn something new.  Excel data is easily imported to the model, simplifying the use of existing information or field data collected in conventional form.  The advanced analytical functions present results graphically to explain the site selection decision-making process in a clear and transparent manner.  Results are easily provided in Word, Excel and PDF formats.

The Science of Site Selection

Truth IC follows a systematic approach to location analysis and, ultimately, site selection.  The process is aimed at helping companies fully understand and meet project objectives successfully.  Our process does not vary significantly by industry sector, nor is it dependent on an industry segment's unique characteristics.

Truth IC balances years of field-level experience with science, utilizing a proprietary model that is supported by one of the world's newest and most innovative software teams dedicated exclusively to decision-making processes.

Our modeling process provides the essential IT framework to evaluate alternative measures of multiple criteria according to your preferences.


  • Availability, Quality
  • Prevailing Wages

Policy/Political Environment

  • Pro/Anti-Business
  • Zoning, Development Review

Rates and Fees

  • Utilities
  • Permitting

Quality of Life

  • Housing, Schools, Crime, Recreation

How it works

Simply put, our model helps you find the best location solution to meet your business goals.  It provides a comprehensive and rational framework for structuring complex decisions, for identifying, quantifying and addressing potential strengths and vulnerabilities in a location.  It highlights the best alternatives, based on your location criteria, and illustrates the reasoning behind your ultimate site selection decision.

Truth IC offers you significant control over site selection decision-making criteria, although we recommend you utilize the essential factors we've depended on reliably after years of experience.  You have the ability to tweak criteria, weights and assess scores in any case.  You'll be able to accurately explore the effect changes in priorities have on your site selection decision.


Our model is based on the "preference ranking organization method for enrichment of evaluations" and its descriptive complement "geometrical analysis for interactive aide" (better known in the sciences as the PROMETHEE & GAIA methods) which belong to the family of multi-criteria outranking methods.  If you'd like to learn more about multi-criteria decision-making systems, contact us for a detailed summary.

Real Estate

  • Sites - Suitability for Development
  • Buildings - Essential Characteristics


  • Access, Airport, Rail, Port
  • Implications of Traffic and Capacity


  • Sales, Income, Property, Franchise, Utility
  • State rates on long term capital gains


  • Availability, Capacity, Cost, Reliability, Redundancy