• Cost of Living, Quality of Life
  • Construction cost
  • Political Climate (Pro/Anti Business)
  • Risk

Engagement & Discovery

Stage One is the critical foundation of a project's success.  The first stage defines business strategy relative to the project, overall scope, priorities, key project parameters, geographic priorities (if any) and it establishes a common understanding among project team members.  Confidentiality requirements are clearly defined and outlined.

Site Selection

Location Analysis

Our analysis establishes an introductory list of potential locations in Stage Two if no geographic preferences exist.  Our analysis helps eliminate potential fact-finding biases allowing your site selection decision to withstand any internal or external scrutiny.  A variety of factors are considered depending on the project and priorities.

Our process includes four interdependent stages:

Truth IC provides the essential consultative decision-making framework for your site selection process.

  • Workforce
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Utilities
  • Tax and Legal

Science-based approach to site selection

Scope             Priorities             Parameters             Geography

Our combination of experience and science-based modeling yields an effective location solution and we encourage collaborative project team dynamics.  Location analysis is a highly refined exercise and while site selection is inherently an iterative process of elimination, there's ample flexibility to accommodate changes in priorities.

Detailed Assessment

More critical location assessments increase the level and sophistication of analysis at Stage Three.  The effort is intended to reduce the intermediate list of location solutions to a competitive short-list followed by a robust real estate perspective.  Field work is initiated to strengthen the analysis and uncover competitive intelligence at the "street level" that is relevant to the project.  Incentive negotiations are initiated in earnest.  Specific properties (sites and/or buildings) are evaluated in detail.

Final Decision

Stage Four involves the most highly refined level of assessment and typically includes in-depth negotiations on property and incentives.  Agreements are finalized and documented, leading to an official announcement.